Holiday Johnson- Director

Holiday Johnson is a mother and documentary filmmaker and producer of environmental films. She is founder of the Media Boutique in San Francisco CA, where she produced alternative television programming and a number of full-length features. In 2000, she founded Trillium Films in Sausalito CA, a multi media production company of inspirational films, dedicated to generate awareness and motivate action for the conservation of the Earth’s remaining wild places.

In 2000, Holiday directed and produced a highly acclaimed documentary: The Last Stand: Ancient Redwoods and the Bottom Line, a compelling film unfolding the tragic ramifications of a fifteen-year battle between environmentalists and the timber industry over the fate of ancient coastal redwoods in Northern California.

THE LAST STAND gained a wide national audience airing on PBS, screened at the National Geographic Society and garnered numerous awards at independent film festivals. The LAST STAND is still actively used in Schools and University including the University of California Berkeley. A trained dancer, Holiday also produced and performed in an award winning performance art documentary titled Trillium Forest, A Walk Within, a creative and intriguing accompaniment to The Last Stand.
Holiday hails from a long time maritime tradition, starting at her grandfather’s knee, the famous Canadian racing yachtsmen, Phillip Phelan.
Still an active sailor, Holiday sailed with her family on a South Pacific voyage between 2001 & 2004, exploring scores of islands, diving and documenting wildlife. She is currently directing: Sharks: Stewards of the Reef.